JobCrawler as an Investment Opportunity in the UK

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Investment Opportunity in the UK

JobCrawler, search engine for jobs

JOBCRAWLER (UK) LIMITED is a company set up to be an umbrella for the websites network, is a purpose-built company based in London.

JobCrawler is a job searcing engine for the job offers available and published on the Internet. The job offers published here are the result of an automated process of site indexing over the internet.

JOBCRAWLER (UK) LIMITED has partnered with information technology company to create a powerful network of websites across European countries, Russia and India that enables job seekers to search and to find the right jobs in one place browsing through job vacancies posted on a great number of websites.

JobCrawler is designed, developed and hosted by our technology partner.

JobCrawler has great growth prospects but limited financial resources.
In order to further develop and expand our project JOBCRAWLER (UK) LIMITED needs financial partners. We need a financial partner that can move quickly, able to support our financial needs and most importantly that able to support our long term growth goals.


If you are interested in investing in our project please contact us for further information.